What’s in a name?

A lot. And not.

If you’re wondering about the latter, it’s simple. I’m really not incredibly fond of my name. That, as I put it, is an extremely mild, watered-down version of what I may have said about a decade ago. I have been known to claim that I absolutely detest my name. And not entirely without reason. But as I’ve grown older, and maturer I think or hope, I’ve made my peace with it. I’ve even come to accept that, in some ways, the name could be lucky for me. Though that still doesn’t take away from the trauma it may have caused me every time it’s been misspelled or mispronounced, or the trouble of having to create an email account, or, in more recent times, when people tell me they had to wade through 10 pages or more to find me on Facebook. It makes me cringe, to say the least.

But, the name of my blog, on the other hand, is an entirely fantastic thing. You might think of me as vain. Maybe I am. Because I seriously do believe that there needs to be prettiness in life. And it’s only when you surround yourself with that prettiness that you can find happiness. Like the colour pink. Nothing brightens a sick day, or a gloomy day like a dash of pink, nailpaint perhaps.

Luckily, for me, there is a lot of prettiness in my life. My best friend, Nin, for instance. She may not make your head turn, while walking down the street. But did you look well enough? She has the most exquisite face I’ve ever seen. She could give Bani Thani a run for her money with those large, almond eyes, her aquiline nose and the most perfect mouth ever. And her smile is the prettiest and purest ever. One glimpse of it can take me through days.Then there’s Jaan. Are you wondering? Have you ever spoken to her? Well, okay, she can be whiny and quite a nag. But her prettiness lies in her innocence and naivette. And Heh. Read anything she wrote? No, I’m not talking of just her handwriting. Heh has a very special talent. She can make even the dullest words, people, situations look pretty when she uses them or talks of them. And Cha, well, Cha’s just pretty. Period. And then there’s the Madcap. Madcap gave me one of the prettiest, albeit vainest, names I have. Yes, that’s another thing about my own name, few actually call me by it, and because I wasn’t given a ‘nickname’ by my parents, as was fashionable back then, I live with multiple names, each born out of what comes to a person’s mouth first while calling out to me. Sigh!

But coming back to the name of the blog. I was quite young when my mother gave me a book to read. It was called Pretty As You Please. No, it had nothing to do with how to wear your hair or your makeup or how to look pretty. It was all about minding your Ps and Qs, yes sir, about how to be pretty with your manners. And I hadn’t realised how that had impressed me till a recent meeting with somebody who was, well, somebody. This lady was a lady. I met her in her office. She is my senior by many years, in age, experience, achievement, status. But her impeccable manners would put any wannabe knight in shining armour to shame. She came to the reception to walk me into her cabin, and pulled out a chair for me to sit on. And that wasn’t it. She also walked me out, and made sure I had a taxi ready to take me. Pleasing, most certainly. And oh-so-pretty! Yes, it may be superficial, but it did make day a more pleasant one. And a pleasant day is a happy day. You can’t ask for exhilaration all the time!

Connotations aside, the word ‘pretty’ has such a, well, pretty ring to it! And then there’s the magic word too! Why would I not want to call my blog that! I mean, if I can be superficial enough to choose WordPress over Blogspot because it’s prettier! No, don’t even try asking what I mean by that. Just look forward to all the prettiness that might be coming your way…

4 Replies to “What’s in a name?”

  1. Am so happy you blogging!! πŸ™‚ but really whiny and nagging?! Sheesh!
    By the way we are destined as far as names are concerned, so you see you are your name! really!

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