Where’s the bubbly?

It’s been a month of celebrations for the family. For me, it began when I quit an extremely stressful job to do absolutely nothing. For the first time in my not-too-long life, I got a sense of what they call liberation. It was exhilarating, to say the least. For the first time in many years, I booked a one-way ticket, without a plan. And I felt as free as one can possibly feel in this day and age, without really giving up on life and moving to the Himalayas. Even though going to the hills was pretty much what I did, except that in my case, it was more a case of default setting. The Mother, of course, was celebrating well before I arrived. For the first time in a year and a half, her elation at the thought of seeing me wasn’t dampened by the prospect of me leaving within two days, and she didn’t have to spend all that time rushing me from doctors to the salon to meeting the various people I was supposed to and doing all that I needed to.

My arrival was accompanied by that of one of her closest friends ever. This was Maasi’s first visit ever in the 30 years that she and The Mother had known each other, and so, the excitement levels were higher. Besides, Maasi’s just such a fun, happy person to be around. With her, every day was a celebration, for nothing and for everything. That’s just the person Maasi is. Joyful, gracious and infectious.

And then she left. But the very next day, news of The Father’s promotion came in. Oh, so one more day, you may say. But no, that’s not how The Family does it, or how they do it back there. The next 20 days were given to celebrating. Sigh! Yawn! Burp! Groan! But whether you like it or not, Missy, that’s just how it works! Yes, I cribbed through a lot of it. Because all I wanted then was my sleep and the ghar-ka-khana. But I was happy for the Dadda. And I went with it, albeit with a few diva-esque tantrums thrown in. Because he deserved every single bottle of bubbly that was popped.

And then I got back to base. Ostensibly, to look for something to do, so I could pay my bills on my own. But the fact that I’m back to base may be enough reason to rejoice, apart from the fact that I’m not really all strung out.

And then the day gone by. It’s been the most momentous of them all. The Baby Bro is finally a big boy. And that is what actually inspired this post. It’s a really big day. Four years of very hard work, and Baby Bro graduates as an assistant manager with one of the best in the country. I’m so proud of you, Big Li’l One. I promise I would’ve done a better job if it were another time. And I will, soon. But for now, I’m celebrating 😀

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