Back to being random

Tonight seemed to be just about right to get back to my blog, after what seems to have been an eternity. No, I hadn’t lost interest in blogging or writing, nor had I run out of things to write about. On the contrary, I’ve been dying to write and I have a grand total of nine partially-written posts. What has kept me from completing and posting any of these was simply a lack of coherence. For one, I was always thinking of way too many things at the same time and I wanted to write about too many things together. For another, I wasn’t quite able to sift the mentionable from the unmentionable, so I chose to just keep mum about it all. Also, there have been way too many life and lifestyle changes in the last few months, so my routine of writing really took a flip. And then, I’m a bit of a freak–incomplete tasks nag me; I can continue to procrastinate, but they will keep nagging me, and if, for some reason, I’m unable to get down to those, I will procrastinate over everything else too! So, every time I tried to write something new, the older drafts would nag, and, unfortunately, it’s not a switch you can turn off and on–once the flow of thought is broken, it can take forever to get back to it!

What happened tonight? I’d say it’s just a happy night. For no reason in particular. It just is. I’m home, visiting my parents after almost a year. I wanted annual summer vacations so bad, I actually contemplated teaching as a profession; then, last summer, I decided to just give myself a break every year! So here I am, at home, allowing myself to be pampered by The Mother, and catching up on play and sleep 🙂

This is a throwback to a lot of things. We lived in this town when I was 15. The first time I had a summer with no holiday homework and no friends, much like this one, and I find myself doing the things I did 12 years ago, albeit differently. The cycling has been replaced by swimming. The brother’s company by The Mother and The Grandfather. This pup will drag his bed to my room and then insist on getting into my bed. I’ve graduated from from cakes, cookies and simple desserts… I baked my first batch of brownies today, and next on the agenda is tarts, pies and souffle, besides main course dishes slightly more complex than pasta and my cheat chicken.

Since I am on vacation, and thinking of nothing really, forget the 100-at-a-time, and doing only things I love to do (except the forced socialising, which really has ME wishing to turn into a wallflower!!!), I reckon it’s as good a time as any to being keyboard-happy, with every intention of keeping it up!

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