The 7-Month Itch

Every month, I decide I’m going to do this. I go about my days, while the words play on, in my head. And then, every month, this day comes and goes, without a word ‘in sight’—they’re all still in my head. The next day, the tune changes, but the plan remains, waiting to be executed. But this isn’t the same as all other plans that came and went, without ever seeing the light of day. It’s different, because this time, I’m genuinely not procrastinating, as I’m wont to do. It’s because time is actually just passing me by, and the only thing I now have count of, is the number of poop-y diapers on any given day! It’s, like Daddy Bee says, she’s growing like a weed: You look away, and there’s one more achievement, one more tooth, one more sound that’s closer to an actual word.

The moment it all began!

So, my little Baby Bee is 7 months old, today, and I’ve been meaning to write about ‘Being Mommy’, for exactly that long. But here’s what happened:

Month #1: Everything hurt. Literally, everything. We fed baby, changed diapers, tucked her in, and admired her, all in a haze. Perhaps our only observations that we recall, now: “OMG, we made her!” (me) and “Why do people make such a big deal of changing diapers!” (him). But through all that, we managed to make a song-and-dance of the first-month mark. We did get her a frock and a little gift, and The Mother baked a cake, and her father was around, and there was general good cheer.


Month #2: We had our first tryst with separation anxiety, when Daddy Bee left, and I was on my own. Well, my parents were around, but—as you will know, if you have a kid, or will learn when you have one—if they’re not in the same room, or can’t hear the baby cry, you are on your own! Unless, you wake them up in an emergency, and chances are it’s only an emergency because you’re imagining the worst, which, of course you will—you had this little being in your tum, all this while, safe and sound, and now she’s out there, with all kinds of dangers lurking around, and she can’t even tell you what’s wrong! But coming back to the SA, when Baby Bee realised her diaper-changer looked different, as did her bedtime tucker, there was hell to pay! I had a wee little fist grabbing at my clothes ALL THE TIME! Now, I was prepared for separation anxiety at age 1 year, NOT 1 MONTH. Anyhoo, once we settled in, we did OK. The upside: She learnt I was more than just milch cattle. The flipside: She’d wangled her way out of her cot and into my bed.

Month #3: We got adventurous. Like really adventurous. We took Baby Bee on her first air flight. Then we strapped her into a car seat and went on a road journey. All this, ostensibly, to meet her great-grandparents, but it didn’t stop once that pilgrimage was done. She went on another road journey, just for fun, because her grandparents had to travel on official business, and why shouldn’t she tag along, too! Meanwhile, she started teething (not just an irritant for her, but also a source of frustration for me, especially when it came to other people, of which there were two kinds: Those, who looked at me incredulously, if I mentioned it, and went, ‘but she’s too young for it, are you sure it’s not in your head!’; and those who were kind enough to inform me that my child was teething—why, thank you, I would never have known!). But the icing on the cake, she started turning, thankfully, only to one side, so matters were still under control!

Month #4: She went on her first ‘pilgrimage’, to Tirupati, and then we packed our bags, and moved to her other grandparents’. She had her first taste of winter (also pollution—sigh!). One more road trip, and the little one is turning into quite the seasoned little traveller. She’s more than happy, strapped into her car seat, in the back of the car, while we zip around town. Coffee dates and shopping trips with Mama became a thing, too! And she met some of her first friends.

Month #5: We saw the year turn. Attended lots of parties, and we made our first trip to a doctor for reasons other than vaccinations. And for exciting times, along came a little cousin, both grandmothers turned a year older, Baby Bee started sitting and we were reunited with Daddy Bee. She also learnt grown-up food tastes yummm, and went bananas for bananas!

Month #6: Two little teeth emerged, and Baby Bee learnt what it’s like to move around. Rolling around is fun, but creeping is even more fun! So back she went, into her cot, and boy, wasn’t that no fun for anybody! So, we came up with a little compromise: The cot works for the day, and for the first half of the night, but waking up in Mama’s bed is the way to go!

Month #7: Two more teeth, and yet another two on the way, we’re on a roll. Daddy Bee said a bientôt and moved yet again. This time, to another country. And we packed our bags, once more, and came back to Nanoo and Nana. Baby Bee sat up, all on her own, started singing, uttering syllables that imitate words, crawling, standing, dancing, waving and trying to take baby steps. She also made friends with the dog, even though he’s still a tad scared that she may pull his tail (which she does, too!).

To round off this super month, chicken stew for the baby and a run for the mommy! And of course, this post!

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